How to get job in clinical research as fresher

How to get a job as a fresher in Clinical research –

What is Clinical research ?
Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use.

Designation at entry level –
1. Clinical research coordinator (CRC)
2. Clinical research associate (CRA)
3. Clinical trial management (CTM)
4. Clinical data management (CDM)
5. Electronic trial master file  (ETMF)

Job providing companies –
Advarra research
Auriga research
Apcer life sciences
Cliantha research
Novo nordisk’s
Navitas life sciences
Syneos health

Steps to get a job in PV as a Fresher –

1. Eligibility –
First you should be eligible for this job , The qualification you need is B Pharm, M Pharm , Bsc , Msc , Pharma D students Life Science , Medical science and Pharma graduates

2. Gather information about the subject (Clinical research) –
-If you are looking for a job in clinical research you first of all gather information about this domain which is required to get a job.
You must know what Clinical research is then the job description , What are the roles and responsibilities of Clinical research and also various information related to the department working in Clinical research.

3. Update your resume –
Update your resume , In the resume you should add some information related to the job description because it should match the keywords to pass through ATS which is used by every organization to scan the resume and if it passes the ATS then your resume is shortlisted.

4. Actively present in all job sites –
– Be updated on all job portals daily so you will not miss a single vacancy when posted and also be updated yourself and your profile of online job portals any additional information edit it in your profile.

5. Apply for entry-level positions –
-Look for entry-level positions such as Clinical Research Assistant, Trainee Clinical Data Coordinator, or Clinical Research Coordinator intern .
-These roles often require less experience and can serve as stepping stones for career advancement.

6. Gain practical experience through internships –
-Look for opportunities to gain hands-on experience in clinical research through internships, or research projects at academic institutions or pharmaceutical companies or small CRO companies. These experiences can provide you with valuable exposure to the field and enhance your resume.

7. Prepare for interviews-
Research commonly asked interview questions in clinical research and practice your responses. Be prepared to discuss your knowledge of clinical trial protocols, regulatory guidelines, and ethical considerations. Highlight your ability to work in a detail-oriented and regulated environment.

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