clinical SAS vs clinical data management

Clinical Data Management  v/s Clinical SAS

Following points covered-
1. Definition
2. Job role
3. Designation
4. Eligibility
5. Salary
6. Workflow
7. Future growth

1. Definition –

Clinical data management –
Clinical data management (CDM) is the process of collecting and managing research data in accordance with regulatory standards.

Clinical SAS –
Clinical SAS refers to the use of the SAS software suite for analyzing and reporting clinical trial data.
SAS is a powerful software tool widely used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for statistical analysis, data management, and reporting of clinical trial data.

2. Job role –

-Ensures accuracy & integrity of study data.
-Manage data validation.
-Perform CRF annotation.
-Design data entry screen.
-Check data accurately & perform data audits.

-Build SAS database from Clinical database.
-Develop SAS macro template & utilise for data cleaning & reporting.
-Ensures CRF meet guidelines of protocols.
-Write SAS programme to generate table,listing,figures & analyse database.

3. Designation –

1. Clinical Data Coordinator
2. Clinical Data Reviewer
3. Clinical Data operator

1. Clinical Database Programmer
2. SAS Programmer
3. SAS Analyst

4. Eligibility –

-Bachelor’s or master’s degree in life sciences, pharmacy, nursing, or a related field is preferred.
-Basic knowledge of clinical research, medical terminology, and regulatory guidelines is beneficial.

-Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field such as pharmacy, life sciences, clinical research, statistics.
-Hands on SAS Programming knowledge.(SAS certification has an advantage).

5. Salary –

CDM – 2.4 – 2.8 LPA Salary
SAS –  3.6 – 4 LPA Salary

6. Workflow –

CRF design
Data mapping
Study conduct
Study closeout

CRF Annotation
Data validation
Dataset mapping

7. Future growth

-Many organizations outsource their clinical data management functions, creating opportunities for professionals to work in contract research organizations (CROs).
-Increasing demand, Evolving regulations & Technological advancements.

-SAS skills are particularly valuable in the clinical research and healthcare analytics domains, where professionals can contribute to data analysis, clinical trial reporting, and outcomes research.
-Widely used softwares, Growing analytics market , & Diverse career opportunities.

In summary, both CDM and SAS offer promising future growth opportunities due to the expanding clinical research landscape, evolving regulatory requirements, technological advancements, and the increasing importance of data analysis and management in various industries.

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