10 days Certificate course in

Pharma marketing

Happy to announce we just launch CERTIFICATE COURSE IN PHARMA MARKETING to develop yourself as best medical representative.
This course is 8 days course which will starts from 1 Nov 2021 Course will cover following information
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Class 1

a) What is medical representative
b) Eligibility
c) Various roles of MR
d) Various skills required for MR
e) Pros and Cons

Class 2

a) Basic introduction to drugs
b) Basic pharmacology needed in Pharma marketing
c) All body systems

Class 3

a) Specialties of Doctor
b) Personality development needed in Pharma marketing
c) Communication skills needed in Pharma marketing
d) Various terminology used in Pharma marketing
e) Product analysis

Class 4

a) Preparation of Daily work Plan
b) Preparation of Dr. List
c) Bag and sampling preparation
d) RCPA preparation
e) Tour Plan analysis
f) Reporting format

Class 5

a) Detailing Guide
b) RCPA guide
c) LBL guide
d) Pre call analysis
e) Post call analysis

Class 6

a) Target strategy
b) incentive strategy
c) Customer Relationship Management
d) Relationship with own team

Class 7

a) Doctor conversion
b) Chemist conversion
c) Stockist conversion

Class 8

a) Interview questions
b) Vacancies information and how to apply
c) How to crack interview successfully

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    Benefits of course

    1.  You will get certificate after this course which will help to build your resume.
    2.  You will get in depth knowledge from scratch.
    3. Non pharma student can also apply.
    4. You will get further career counselling free of cost for job analysis or any query.
    Fees for course- 700/-
    For any help email us at mypharmacareer2@gmail.com
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