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Drug regulatory Affairs

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Happy to announce we first time announce 3 month Certificate course in Drug regulatory Affairs Batch1 which is India’s most affordable course. Global Pharma Academy provides the best regulatory courses which provides domain knowledge, skill development with Placement assistance. Our motive behind this course is to minimize gap between academics and industry needs. Hence, we train each student according to industry requirements. Global Pharma Academy gives 100% job assistance as well which means we assist each student till they get placed. Students get many opportunities for jobs as well as all the required skillset once they completed the Drug regulatory affairs courses successfully.
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Here are details of course Topics covered Fundamentals of Drug Regulatory Affairs.

Class 1

ii)Definition, Rationale
iii)Roles and responsibilities

Class 2

i)How Regulatory Affairs works in Pharmaceutical Company
ii)Different Regulatory Authorities

Class 3

i)Innovator and Generic Drugs
ii) Drug development process

Class 4

i)Different guidelines used in Regulatory work.

Class 5

i) ICH Guidelines
In depth Quality guidelines and Overview of Safety, Efficacy and Multidisciplinary guidelines
ii)WHO guideline

Class 6

CTD Structure
In depth Module wise content detailing

Class 7

i)ACTD Structure
In depth Part wise content detailing
ii) Difference between CTD and ACTD

Class 8

Dossier filing process for Europe, USA and Rest of world market

Class 10

Post approval process: Variations and Renewals

Class 8

Dossier filing process for Europe, USA and Rest of world market

Class 11

Overview of Clinical Trials and their phases, Pharmacovigilance, PSUR

Class 8

Frequently asked interview questions with answers

What is Drug Regulatory Affairs?

Drug regulatory affairs is a field of healthcare that deals with the regulation of drugs. It ensures that drugs are safe for use and meet quality standards. Drug regulatory affairs also ensure that the appropriate clinical trials are conducted and that drug labels are accurate and up-to-date. Drug regulatory affairs are the process of ensuring that a drug or medical device complies with all the applicable laws and regulations before it can be marketed. They are responsible for making sure that these products are safe, effective, and meet any standards of quality. They also have to make sure that these products are labeled appropriately, so people know what they do and how to use them. Drug regulatory affairs are the branch of pharmaceutical industry that is responsible for the approval of new drugs and the oversight of the manufacturing and marketing of drugs. Drug Regulatory Affairs is the branch of the pharmaceutical industry that is responsible for ensuring that drugs and medical devices are safe and effective before they are allowed to be marketed. Drug safety is the most important aspect of drug regulatory affairs as it ensures that drugs are safe for consumption.

Benefits of Taking Courses of Drug Regulatory Affairs

Drug regulatory affairs course is a great way to get into the pharmaceutical industry. Global Pharma Academy provides industry experts to teach our student. All experts are more than 10+ year of experience in respected domain. The course will also teach you about the different drug categories and how they are regulated. You will also learn about the different types of guidelines such as ICH and various variations, renewals, dossier preparation from Europe, USA, UK and rest of the world market (ROW) Global pharma’s Drug regulatory affairs courses are designed to help students understand the complexities of the world of drug regulatory affairs. It is a course that teaches students about the regulations and policies that govern drugs, how they are approved for sale, and how they are tracked for safety.

The objective of Drug Regulatory Affairs

The objective of drug regulatory affairs courses is to teach the students about the regulation of pharmaceutical products. These courses are designed for people who want to work in healthcare or a pharmaceutical company. This course can be enrolled by any life science, Pharma graduate, and postgraduate student. The objective of drug regulatory affairs courses is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for those who are interested in the work of the pharmaceutical industry. These courses provide information on how to work in a regulatory affairs department, how drugs are regulated and marketed, and what careers are available in this field. Drug regulatory affairs courses provide an overview of the various topics that are related to drug regulation and the course will also provide information on how these topics can be applied in daily life.

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    Benefits of course

    1. You will get certificate from ISO certified organization
    2. You will get lifetime free counselling from our side
    3. Recorded lectures
    4. swot analysis,mock interview,skill improvement
    Timing for Webinar 3 pm to 5 pm (2 hours weekly on Sunday)
    All classes are virtual through Zoho Course will starts from 27 March till 16 June
    Who can ENROLL ?
    Anyone who wish to learn Pharmacovigilance from science background
    If any query email us at mypharmacareer2@gmail.com

    Why Choose Global Pharma Academy for Drug Regulatory Affairs Courses?

    • Learn From Industry Experts: 

    A study from experienced professionals of 10+ years of experts involved in business and top industry rank among the most achieved in worldwide regulatory affairs.

    • Best & Affordable Price:

    This Drug regulatory Affairs course is India’s most affordable course. A worth Program for graduated class. Give you professional advancement administrations to understudies all the phases of their vocations. 

    • Job Assistance: 

    Finding a dream job is like finding a pearl in an oyster. With, the increasing competition it has very difficult to find a secure job. Associate with our Drug Regulatory Affairs courses with a placement that works at the world’s biggest drug, biologic, and clinical gadget administration. We strive hard to elaborate candidate dreams by providing them with end-to-end solutions related to recruitment problems. 



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