30 minutes


15 minutes free consultation

Who can choose this

  1. Who have experience in business but just need roadmap to build it in new way
  2. Who unaware about various business opportunities but want to know all possible opportunities
  3. Whose business stuck in between and need to know how to change business strategy

1 month (30 mins/day)


15 minutes free consultation

Who can purchase this

  1. Who needs some constant support to run business effectively

till business setup done


15 minutes free consultation

Who can go for this

  1. Anyone who wish to learn and build your business from scratch with our support
  2. Who wants our data and contacts and support for business
  3. who needs end to end support and wish to work is as their business partner


  1. We will guide and mentoring you but all implementation should be done from your end
  2. We need your full support to cooperate
  3. Renumeration should be advance only
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