Top companies in clinical SAS

Top companies providing jobs in Clinical SAS –

Pharmaceutical Companies –
Major pharmaceutical companies such as –
– Pfizer
– Novartis
– Merck
– Navitas life science
– Bayer Pharmaceuticals
– Teva
– Torrent Pharma

These companies have a high demand for Clinical SAS professionals to support their drug development and clinical trials.

Contract Research Organizations (CROs) –

– Parexel
– PRA Health Sciences
– Fortrea
– Syneos Health
– Thermo Fisher Scientific
– CBCC global research
– Clinexel
– AXIS Clinicals
– Aizant
– Orcimed life science

Academic and Research Institutions –

Universities, research hospitals, and academic medical centers often require Clinical SAS expertise for their clinical studies and data analysis.

These companies are at the forefront of the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and life sciences industries, making them key employers for professionals with expertise in Clinical SAS.

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