3 months online course in advance SAS
  • Posted on: 25/03/2024
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3 months online course in advance SAS

Happy to announce 3 months course in advance SAS

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Syllabus of course is as follows
Modules 1
The SAS programming process
SAS programming tools
SAS syntax
Accessing Data
Understanding SAS data
Accessing data through libraries
Importing data into SAS
Exploring and Validating
Exploring data
Filtering rows
Formatting columns
Sorting data and removing duplicates
Preparing Data
Reading and filtering data
Computing new columns
Conditional processing
Analyzing and Reporting in SAS
Reports with titles, footnotes, and labels
Creating frequency reports
Creating summary statistics reports
Exporting reports
Understanding DATA step processing
Summarizing Data via Proc Univariate
Processing data in groups
Manipulating Data with
Understanding SAS functions
Using numeric and date functions
Using character functions
Using special functions to convert column type
Creating Custom Formats
Creating and using custom formats
Creating custom formats from tables
Combining Tables
Concatenating tables
Merging tables
Identifying matching and nonmatching rows
Processing Repetitive Code
Using iterative DO loops
Using conditional DO loops
Restructuring Tables
Restructuring data with the DATA step
Restructuring data with the TRANSPOSE procedure
Array Processing in Data Step
Introduction to table Lookup Techniques
One-Dimensional Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays

Loading a Multidimensional Array from a SAS Data set

Module -2 SAS Macro
Introduction to macro variables
Automatic macro variables
Macro variable references
User-defined macro variables
Delimiting macro variable references
Module-3 SAS SQL
Introducing the Structured Query Language
Overview of the SQL procedure
Specifying columns
Specifying rows
Presenting data
Summarizing data introduction
to SQL joins
Inner joins
Outer joins
Full joins
Creating tables with the SQL procedure
Creating views with the SQL procedure
Module- 4 Clinical Research
What is Clinical Trial?
Introduction to Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC)
Why we are using CDISC.
Fundamentals of the Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM)
Case study -5

Benefits of course
1) Live sessions with recordings provided
2) Learn from experts
3) Live project work
4) Skill development
5) Placement assistance
6) Global SAS certification preparation

Frequently asked question
1) How much packages i get after placed in Clinical SAS
– On average 3.6 LPA
2) Who can enroll for course
– Any graduate (Pharma,life sceince, engineering etc)
3) Can we pay fees in installment
– Yes we can provide 2 installment within 28 days of first installment
4) Can we get project work during this
– Yes
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