Placement Policies-

1. We Provide Placement assistance as a value added complimentary service to all Students who has done courses and Provide information of vacancies to all Students by arranging Walk in / One to one interviews / Providing information for various job opening / Internal drive interviews conducted.

2. Placement assistance varies for all Students depending upon the eligibility criteria,Type of Course,Location of job and cannot disclose any salary range.

3. Students who has been failed to pay the full course fees in the given period of time,will not be eligible for any interview.

4. Global Pharma Academy conduct the interview before attending any real time job interview to check the students Potential and confidence and reviews are given on which they can work and attend the real interview.

5. Good academic records, Good English communication skills, Students behavior and general appearance at the time of interview also matters.

6. Candidate must have our course completed certificate with them whenever required for any interviews. (It is Mandatory )

* General Rules and Regulations for Placement Assistance *

1. In case Global Pharma Academy schedules an interview call matching your CV, Education Qualification, He /she need to respect and attend the same and this will be conducted as interview call.

2. It is the sole discretion of the client to shortlist the profiles sent and Global Pharma Academy is not responsible for the shortlisting done at clients end.

3. Global Pharma Academy will be updating you with PAN India requirements, Students need to broaden the location to get the maximum opportunity.
( If you are restricted to a particular city or a particular domain you may get lesser interview opportunities. )

4. Students should not contact any client directly unless specified by client or Global Pharma Academy.
( In case of any complaints from the client against the students , Students will be blacklisted permanently. )

5. Students who have already appeared for a company in last 6-12 months are not eligible to re apply in the same company.
(This is applicable to mostly MNC companies)

6.Students should be ready to relocate anywhere in India as required by the client and should be ready to work on the job profile given by client.

7. Global Pharma Academy will contact shortlisted selected students through mail or SMS.In case Students are not reachable due to any technical issue .Global Pharma Academy will be not responsible for the same.

8. Students need to attend the test/ interview as per the schedule given by the client/ Global Pharma Academy as there is no guarantee of the interview being rescheduled.

9. Before appearing for campus of any company , it’s students responsibility to check credentials and more information about the company so as to avoid any further problems like fraudulent company, not good or unhealthy work environment etc.Any related guidance required can connect with Global Pharma Academy for help.

10. Students will have to bear all the expenses for travel /food etc to attend the interview or Placement events.

11. Documents to be carried during Interviews:

  • Global Pharma Academy Certificate
  • 2 Copies of Resume
  • All mark sheets & other important original documents
  • Valid photo ID like PAN card, Driving licence etc
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Passport copy if available

(Additional documents needed as per Company requirements)

12. Whenever we share information remind this is only for our academy Students.
( No other Students we consider for any relevant post and If still anyone share the information to friends and colleagues else we block those students for Placement who shares Placement information outside.)

13. Students have to inform us Whenever they apply for any particular job from our job groups or shared information.
(If not informed us applied or not we are unable to help for further process of relevant job.)


*Blacklisting Criteria’s for Placement Assistance*

1. Students who do not attend the interview / test as per the schedule given by Global PharmaAcademy/ Client even after giving their confirmation.

2. IF the candidate gets selected and rejects the offer
Student not going for final HR round to collect the offer letter or for negotiation of salary.

3.Students who provide any wrong information / fake documents / do not follow rules as specified.

4.If Students share any job vacancy or relevant information about internal drive to any outsiders.

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