Pharmacovigilance vs drug regulatory affairs vs SAS

Pharmacovigilance v/s Drug regulatory affairs v/s Clinical SAS

What is the difference between Pharmacovigilance , Regulatory affairs and Clinical SAS

What is Pharmacovigilance ?

Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine/vaccine related problem.

What is Drug regulatory affairs ?
It is the connecting link between the pharma industry and drug regulatory authority of india.
It is the department who takes care of all the documentation work and approval process done by Drug regulatory affairs department.

What is Clinical SAS ?
SAS Application Technology is being used for Clinical Trials and Data Analytics in pharmaceutical, healthcare, clinical research as well as biotech organizations.
SAS is universally used in clinical trial companies for data analysis, and reporting, in pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research organization (CRO).

Job role in PV –

1. To record and to report Adverse events.
2. Access and gather all information related to the Adverse effect happening from the Pharmaceutical product.
3. To minimize side effect / Adverse events to make drug very safe and effective for the patient use.

Job role in Regulatory affairs –
1. It involves ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of drugs.
2. Their proper manufacturing, distribution, and use of drugs.

Job role in Clinical SAS –
1. SAS programmers implement the analysis methods on the collected data and provide the study summary tables, data listing and graphs to the statisticians, medical writers and clinicians to use in writing the clinical study report.
2. Establish monitoring of data transfers for ongoing trials to identify study conduct or data quality issues.
3. Build SAS datasets from clinical database.

Designation in Pharmacovigilance –
1. Drug safety Associate
2. Drug safety Trainee
3. Drug safety Specialist

Designation in Drug regulatory affairs –
1. Regulatory Authority Trainee
2. Drug regulatory authority trainee.
3. Drug regulatory specialist.

Designation in Clinical SAS –

1. Clinical Database Programmer
2. SAS Programmer
3. SAS Analyst

Companies in PV –
TCS , Wipro , Accenture, Cognizant , Parexel

Companies in Regulatory affairs –

GSK , Merck , Elanco , Cipla , Emcure , Glenmark , Hetero , MSN , Aurobindo

Companies in SAS –

Novotech, Fortrea , Astrazeneca , IQVIA , Eli lilly , Medpace

Salary range in PV –
2.5 lakh to 3.5 LPA for Freshers

Salary range in Regulatory affairs-
1.8 lakh to 3 LPA for Freshers

Salary range in SAS –
3 lakh to 3.8 LPA for Freshers

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